About HorseShowsOnline


HorseShowsOnline is the site horse show enthusiasts turn to for the latest information on their horse shows and the latest show results.

Online since 2001, HorseShowsOnline.com has been the source that thousands of site visitors rely on every day.  Since its inception, HorseShowsOnline has served more than 21 million site visitors.  If you need to advertise your service or product, consider the benefit of exposing your service or product to thousands of visitors every day.

HorseShowsOnline is integrated with HSS Horse Show Management Software, allowing show managers to easily manage all aspects of a horse show while providing timely results and online show entry to exhibitors with just a few easy steps.

USEF Approved Show Software:
United States Equestrian Federation approved HSS Horse Show Management Software at its highest level (Platinum) in 2018 and provided additional accreditation as a Level 1 Entry system.

Online Show Entry:

Recent updates to HorseShowsOnline provide online show entry support.  Online show entry provides the show secretary with a simple and reliable way to allow exhibitors to submit their entry using the internet.  Everyone benefits with online entry. 
  • End users have a simple and convenient online tool to easily fill in horse show entry forms and to track the status of their show entry.
  • Show manager's benefit from the automated import of online entries directly into their HSS program which significantly reduces the tedious data entry aspect of recording and managing entry forms.  Direct import of show entries also eliminates typos and other data entry errors.

HorseShowsOnline members have additional services available:
  • Reports and analysis of the member's performance across multiple shows.
  • Research reports and features to review the performance and results of a horse over time.
  • Post and self-manage classified ads.
  • Register and publish results from shows using HSS Horse Show Software.
  • And more...!
  • Basic membership is free and allows access to several basic members-only features
  • Subscription (paid) membership provides additional research and reporting features at an exceptionally low cost.
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