2023 MID-AMERICA MANE EVENT Oct 11, 2023
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Show Name and Location
Show date: Oct 11, 2023 to Oct 14, 2023
Last updated: Oct 03, 2023 8:46 PM
USEF requires that all show participants must submit a signed liability waiver agreement in order to compete.
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News and Bulletins
Online entries accepted: Aug 15, 2023 - Oct 07, 2023

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Show News:
Added classes to 2023 Mid-America Mane Event:

18A AHHS Youth Medallion Hackney Roadster Pony (First class Thurs. AM)

28A ASB Classic Pleasure All Ages
57A ASB Classic Pleasure All Ages Championship

20A ASB Three Gaited Saddle Pony 17/Under
88A ASB Three Gaited Saddle Pony 17/Under Championship

27A ASB Five Gaited Saddle Pony 17/Under
95A ASB Five Gaited Saddle Pony 17/Under Championship

Classic Pleasure Specifications: This section is open to amateurs and juvenile riders only. Stallions are prohibited. Classic Pleasure horses must be plain shod - rim pads, synthetic or natural rubber, egg bar or a single pad allowed. Wedge pads and bands are prohibited. Any motion or action resulting from shoeing is to be penalized. Horses are to be shown with a full mane and tail. Not to be braided. Tail switches allowed.

Gait requirements: flat walk, trot and canter. Classic Pleasure entries are to stand quietly and back in the line up.

Judged On: Classic Pleasure horses should be natural and relaxed, demonstrate a quiet and calm attitude, perform with flawless manners and appear to be absolutely agreeable to the commands of the rider. The Classic Pleasure horse’s headset and motion should compliment its natural conformation. Horses exhibiting aggressiveness, over-collection, excess animation or labored motion to be penalized. Judged 80% on manners and natural way of going. 20% on conformation.
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Governing body: USEF
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